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To develop a new standard of agriculture which honors agriculture as the savior of our environmental struggles. Through supporting farmers with education, financial and economic benefits, we aim to ensure future generational succession of agriculture land within families. Farming our way to a healthy future we are proud to be a part of. 



SOILKEE® Contracting

GSR can help you renovate your pastures using the patented SOILKEE® soil tilling apparatus.
In just one pass we can mulch, till, cultivate, sow and regenerate soils. Our full service SOILKEE® System includes:

  • Tractor


While currently we still only operate in our local area of the Upper Murray, we are looking at new ways to be able to service a greater area. We would love to be able to partner with the right folk who share a similar vision as our own. As GSR initially started out as a father and son duo, we would love to be able to offer the same opportunities to other family working partnerships. 

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Carbon providers

In the GSR is section

GSR offers a unique type of carbon farming method under the new CarbonPump Carbon Farming methodology®. 

With the CarbonPump Carbon Farming methodology® you can expect;

  • No lock in contracts.

  • Soil testing and payments on a yearly basis.

  • Be rewarded for carbon preserved in soil and carbon drawn into soil from the air.

  • A farmer friendly way of farming carbon with a farmer first approach. 


The CarbonPump Carbon Farming methodology is unique and unlike any other carbon farming system or method throughout the world. This world first approach to carbon farming is truly exciting for everyone involved. Farmers, businesses, and the planet. Everyone benefits from this new approach. 


GSR aims to work with the various necessary groups to deliver a wide range of information catered to the locals needs. 


We understand that everyone is at different parts of their farming journeys and has their own ways and ideas about farming.

We will endeavor to show farmers the best ways to improve their soils and increase carbon levels. 

Working with a variety of different people and different methods to identify and deliver what is best and most suited to the specific landscape environment. 

We believe that no matter what we are doing or how we are doing it that we can always do better and are always excited to work out how we can!



Father-and-son team Stephen and Keenan Whitsed founded Global Soil Regeneration in 2018.


Experienced third and fourth generation organic dairy and beef farmers, the Whitsed's have a passion for agriculture and helping other farmers achieve the increased productivity gained through biological pathways, that they have themselves achieved.

​In 2019, the Whitseds celebrated their 70-year inter-generational farming heritage. After 7 decades of experiencing the highs and lows of working on the land in their DNA, Stephen and Keenan discovered the remarkable new agricultural technology the SOILKEE® Renovator which we have been using on our own paddocks and offering to our local area ever since.

This was great for us because it supported a long standing vision of assisting local farmers to develop their soils and pastures. Which is easier said than done. As everyone has their own ways of doing things and not everyone is open to hearing about new ways of doing things and ideas of farm management. 

Us Whitsed's have always done things differently. Not following along with the crowd but instead would think outside of the box to achieve higher standards of animal health and product quality through soil and pasture optimization. We were increasing our carbon long before we were farming carbon for financial rewards. 


So when we began officially farming carbon it was only natural for us to wonder how we could do better and how to improve on what was already there. With a will to innovate, we set out on a mission to create something better.


What was born from this innovation was a partnership with CarbonPump and their Carbon Farming methodology®. We would go on to become the worlds first project managers of a year on year style of Carbon farming project. 

pop and zac.jpg

2nd generation farmer Johnny Whitsed with 4th generation grandson, Zac Whitsed.



Soil organic carbon is directly related to agricultural productivity – the higher the soil carbon levels, the greater the productivity. Soil carbon improves water-holding capacity & infiltration, nutrient availability and soil biology. When water and rainfall are more effectively utilized, growing seasons are extend and farms become more drought tolerant and overall more resilient.

Additionally, for several decades there has been substantial effort into the development of a carbon farming industry throughout the world. The Australian government was the first country in the world to adopt and regulate a carbon farming methodology which has paved the way thus far.


However, after spending some time working with the 25 year projects we came to see the system as something we no longer wanted to support. So we strived to create something better. 

This lead us to partner with CarbonPump, who are climate action methodology developers. CarbonPump are passionate about scalable and real climate action and only credit completed climate action with year on year projects, not speculative future promises as with the 25 year projects.

We set out on a mission which seemed impossible at the time, deliver $800 per hectare a year to farmers in our local area of the Upper Murray for farming carbon. 

After a couple of years of patience and assisting in developing the initiative we finally got to rolling out a BETA round with the CarbonPump Carbon Farming methodology® which was 5x larger than was originally planned. 

With this, we became Carbon farming project managers for CarbonPump. Now we are looking to deliver the methodology to farmers at scale so that we can share this beautiful creation with the world.



With the SOILKEE® soil tilling method, annual crops are sown into perennial pastures. At the same time, the renovator provides a natural fertilising effect by stimulating the soil’s micro-biology. 

It improves the quality and quantity of grazing and, pasture productivity is improved with a reduction in lost grazing days in comparison to current soil tilling techniques. 

SOILKEE® works by cultivating a narrow seed bed, disturbing less than 20% of your existing pasture. The rotary blade’s spinning action creates a ‘green manure compost’ that naturally activates soil fungi, microbes, and earth worm populations—all of which are the foundation of soil health and productivity.

We have been Soilkeeing in our local area for the past 4 years now and have seen a variety of successful results in pasture yield improvements.


Over this time one of our greatest achievements with the Soilkee is that we have got people talking and thinking. We have sparked excitement within local farmers to look at their soils differently and wonder how they could do better. We have ignited genuine curiosity in the hearts and minds of our local farmers to consider how they could strive towards something better. We have began to lay groundwork for an improved standard of farming and living that supports the farmer and the family to thrive. 

So far, our Soilkee journey has been a great one. A journey that is a testament to old saying "hard work pays off".

















Production tests on SoilKee Renovator inventor, Niels Olsen's farm in Hallora have demonstrated an increase in soil organic matter in the top 10 cm from 3% to 10% supporting the measured 20 tonnes of dry matter feed grown in one year.

Global Soil Regeneration is committed to our vision. We believe in what we do and that we can make a positive impact with our work.


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