SOILKEE® Contracting

GSR can help you renovate your pastures using the patented SOILKEE® soil tilling apparatus.
In just one pass we can mulch, till, cultivate, sow and regenerate soils. Our full service SOILKEE® System includes:
⦁    tractor
⦁    SOILKEE®, and
⦁    mulcher.

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Climate Action

At GSR we are taking real actions against climate change. Did you know the upper meter of the world’s soils contain three times more carbon than the world’s vegetation? And, almost twice the levels in the atmosphere?


Why does it matter?


Carbon-based molecules are the basic building blocks of humans, animals, plants, trees and soils. So, even the smallest of change to the amount of soil carbon, and unlocking that carbon, can have a big impact on concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, slowing and even reversing the rate of global warming.

Looking for partners

GSR is passionate about growing the carbon farming movement. We aim to:

  • improve the environment

  • increase profitability & sustainability of farms over the long-term

  • contribute to the reversal of environmental and atmospheric damage

  • ensure the next generation understands that healthy soils equate to a healthy planet.

We’re partnering with farmers and environmental leaders such as Landcare groups, to regenerate soils in the community. Want to work with us? Get in touch to find out what we can do together to make a real and lasting difference.



Father-and-son team Stephen and Keenan Whitsed founded Global Soil Regeneration in 2018.


Experienced third and fourth generation organic dairy farmers, the Whitseds have a passion for helping other farmers achieve the increased productivity gained through biological pathways, that they have themselves achieved.

​In 2019, the Whitseds celebrated their 70-year inter-generational farming heritage. After 7 decades of experiencing the highs and lows of working on the land in their DNA, Stephen and Keenan discovered the remarkable new agricultural technology the SOILKEE® Renovator.


As Certified Organic farmers, ways to improve soil biology to grow low or no-input pastures for their herds is critical to the success of their operation.

Stephen visited SOILKEE® inventor Niels Olsen’s farm in 2018 and he was hooked, insisting the Whitsed farm invest in the technology.

They haven’t looked back.


The duo learnt about Soil Carbon Farming and the many benefits it can bring to other farmers and, they set about establishing GSR – their SOILKEE® contracting service, to deliver this opportunity to other farms and land care organisations.

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With the SOILKEE® soil tilling method, annual crops are sown into perennial pastures. At the same time, the renovator provides a natural fertilising effect by stimulating the soil’s micro-biology. 

It improves the quality and quantity of grazing and, pasture productivity is improved with a reduction in lost grazing days in comparison to current soil tilling techniques. 

SOILKEE® works by cultivating a narrow seed bed, disturbing less than 20% of your existing pasture. The rotary blade’s spinning action creates a ‘green manure compost’ that naturally activates soil fungi, microbes, and earth worm populations—all of which are the foundation of soil health and productivity.






Production tests on SoilKee Renovator inventor, Niels Olsen's farm in Hallora have demonstrated an increase in soil organic matter in the top 10 cm from 3% to 10% supporting the measured 20 tonnes of dry matter feed grown in one year.



Soil organic carbon is directly related to agricultural productivity – the higher the soil carbon levels, the greater the productivity. Soil carbon improves water-holding capacity & infiltration, nutrient availability and soil biology. When water and rainfall are more effectively utilised, growing seasons are extend and farms become more drought tolerant and overall more resilient.

The Australian Government has granted $150 million dollars to pay farmers for increasing their soil carbon levels.

In a world-first —with the help of AgriProve—SOILKEE® inventor and cattle farmer, Niels Olsen, was awarded carbon credits for his soil’s carbon levels in April 2019. Naturally, it was his invention, SOILKEE® technique that was used to build the measured increase of soil carbon levels, enabling him to translate that into claimable carbon credits.





The second year of soil carbon data was analysed in 2019 and supports the expectation that SOILKEE ® can deliver 10 carbon credits per hectare per annum.

The potential is for farmers and landholders to earn revenue from increasing their stored carbon of around $100/hectare. In a difficult agricultural climate, this is great news for our farmers and a positive initiative that supports a healthy environment today, and for the generations to come.

Global Soil Regeneration implements the SoilKee contracting system to deliver the soil carbon farming opportunity to our local area of the Upper Murray in Victoria and New South Wales, Australia.
We are looking to partner with farmers and local groups to deliver the SoilKee system and soil carbon opportunity to their area and region.


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